Voyce™ is a wearable band that provides insight into a dog’s health and wellness indicators. It lets your dog “communicate” with your veterinarian supplying objective data your vet can use to better evaluate your dog’s health and make more informed diagnosis for ongoing and preventive care. Plus, the data is collected when your dog is in his natural environment, so it’s not skewed by the stress of a vet visit.

Developed in collaboration with top bio-medical engineers, dog experts, vets and partners like Cornell University School of Veterinary Medicine and LifeLearn, Voyce™ uses proprietary and patented sensors such as those developed for neonatal monitors and military use, to monitor a dog’s key vital signs and wellness indicators helping pet parents understand their dogs like never before.

Care for your dog…even when you’re not there.

Voyce provides insight to help you resolve issues that may arise when you’re away. Is your dog getting enough exercise? Sleeping well? With just a few clicks you’ll know while enjoying exclusive content from vets, trainers and pet nutritionists tailored specifically to your dog.

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